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What’s better for teen drivers – classroom or online Drivers Ed?

Taking online drivers Ed instead of going to a classroom is becoming more popular as technology improves. Students are different in that, there are some who learn better in a traditional classroom but for most, the interactive nature of an online drivers ed course helps students retain information better.

When it comes time to choosing drivers Ed program, one has the option of going with a traditional classroom setting or an online program. An online drivers Ed program costs less money, teens learn differently than adults. Therefore sitting in front of a computer screen for hours, it’s not enjoyable and can be frustrating. On the other way, sitting in a classroom and participating in interactive learning activities is less stressful. Therefore, lessons learned in class, will stick in the minds of teens when they actively participate in Drivers Ed.

Therefore are four types of teen learners; visual, auditory, tactile, and read/write learners. And the first three groups that’s; visual, auditory and tactile, who must see, hear or touch something to truly learn it. While, read/write learners might do well with an online program where the majority of teens will not. Teens can remember to attend dozens of some social get-togethers, but they easily forget to do their homework, even turn in a permission slip, or pick up on a mountain of dirty clothes off the floor and this is why teaching teens is a challenge, where they are difficult to motivate and manage in a group setting.

The following are reasons for why online drivers ed is better than a classroom.

  1. Students learn when only they want to learn

This comes whereby, classroom environment students are forced to sit still and more so on an uncomfortable chair and listen to lectures about driving rules and safety. And to make the matter worse, students do not get to choose when to go to class; they are even forced to go at set times including early mornings or sometimes in the evening when they would rather be playing video games. On the other hand, with an online drivers ed course, students have to take the initiative by themselves.

  1. Online drivers ed teaches responsibility and with self discipline

This is where, learning how to drive and also getting the driver’s license is more or less the same with a transition into adulthood and increased freedoms. Learning to drive becomes like a right of passage and with this right of passage comes responsibility. In an online drivers ed course, the students are the one who must be their motivator to take the course and complete all of the proper requirements. It is therefore self study, self discipline, and self motivation and the reward is increased freedom.

  1. It is interactive

This is one of the best reason why online drivers ed is much better than a classroom. The online drivers ed courses have got many videos, animations, quizzes, games, and all the other sensory flashy things needed to keep the teens entertained.